On The Spot with False Heads

After False Heads gig in Leeds on Saturdays 31st we shared a few laughs with the

guys. We started off hitting Luke and Jake up with some random quick-fire questions

for our On The Spot Video. Then followed up with questions, touching on False Heads,

their new single Retina, A Peaceful Noise and much more. Check out the teaser below

In an industry where there are literally thousands of genres, sub-genres, labels,

you’ve taken a step outside of the box and described yourselves as

“CRACK-PUNK-INDIE-ROCK”, what does Crack-Punk-Indie-Rock mean to you?

“I think it’s just like fast paced Punk, with a little early 00s indie in there, there’s a

little jangly guitar and then flicking between the two. To be fair it’s getting more iffy, 

but then we’ve been writing some more pop stuff lately that we haven’t been playing

the in set. Yeah, it’s a cross between that kinda more jangly indie and heavy punk.”

Check out the full Interview, video and pictures over at the Blog HERE

Bad Dream Fancy Dress - Their Story

Bad Dream Fancy Dress was the crazy creation of 2 party animals, Cally and Katz

back in the 80s. They achieved fame with their explosive first album Choir Boys Gas,

and the single Curry Crazy, available on Spotify for all you young’uns to go check out.

Now, 30 something years later, Cat Rees has decided to join forces with her partner

Jeff and mate Joe and do it all again. We will find out why from the lady herself in our

snazzy little interview.

What we have is the 10 track album, Space Goddess, a riot of genres all mixed

together. Catchy pop along side infectious punk rock. Cute vocals sung with a stern

Welsh middle finger. More sexual innuendo than a carry-on film, with a whole heap

of female empowerment. All wrapped inside what could be the soundtrack for a 60s

interstellar B-Movie that you want to watch over and over again. It's sexy, it's

unapologetic, its political at times, but most of all it's so much fucking fun.

It carries on from where the band left off 3 decades ago. I urge you to go listen to it, it will improve your mood and make you wanna dance. It appeals to fans of Lady Gaga just as much as fans of The Misfits. The only people this won't appeal to is people who take themselves a little too seriously. Emo kids, stay away. Everyone else, strap in!


Let's hear it from the mouthpiece of the band though. Cat was kind enough to take the time for an exclusive interview. If you want to find out about her alien friends and what happened to her tickets to the Royal Wedding, keep reading...

Check out the full Interview &exclusive pictures over at the Blog 

Able's Army - Private Eye

A couple of months ago we told you about a snazzy band from Huddersfield called

Able’s Army. We saw them live, we really enjoyed them, we introduced  ourselves.

Then when we got home, we could instantly listen to them on Spotify and make friends

with them over social media. So simple.

Able's Army have a shiny new song out on friday. It's called Private Eye and we got

the chance to have a sneak peek at it. It's out now so go check it out!

ALOMR - Welcome back. We are loving the new track, was it as enjoyable putting the

song together as it is listening to it, and how long did it take from conception to what

we are hearing today?

Mike - Private Eye’s probably one of the oldest songs we have actually. When we

were first starting out James and I would meet up, get drunk and write songs. About 90% of what we came up with was terrible and didn’t survive the hangover, but this one stood out a bit and there was something to it. It’s had a couple of variations between then and now but we’re pretty chuffed with the finished product.

Check out the full Interview and single review.

Ables Army.jpeg

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