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So here's the latests from some of the bands in my sights. I'm not including Videos here, but you can find these on your favourite streaming service :)

Eminem - In Your Head 

OK I'm doing new tracks, but given Marshall just dropped his new album today I'd really like to call out the full thing Revival. I've only had chance to listen to it once, but it's fully packed with A class duets and it's smashing some plays on Spotify already. 

Call out track has to be 'In Your Head', I mean chucking The Cranberries in? This man's a genius!

The Hunna - Dare

This band was one of the hottest albums for me for 2016 and saw a good performance at Manchester Cathedral. This is their 2nd release this year, after 'Summer' (which was a little too similar to 'Brother')

Feeder - Everybody Hurts 

What more do you need? Feeder covering R.E.M... Yes!

MGMT - When You Die

It's been over 4 years since MGMT gave us some new music. Whilst they're still in the psychedelic rock, this latest track has taken a softer approach than we're used to. Worth a listen, I'm interested in what the rest of the new album will be like.

Thom Yorke - Saturdays

Radiohead frontman debuted a bunch in unreleased songs in LA this week, as well a the first live performances of some of his previous solo work. There's more than just Saturday, but that's the one I one I was most fond of. I'm on and off a Radiohead fan, and this Ibiza chill out sound from Thom Yorke adds a uplifting change to the party wind down.

The Streets - Burn Bridges & Sometimes I Hate My Friends More than My Enemies

15 years after 'Original Pirate Material' was released and 6years since we've had new material. Mike and the crew are back with 2 new tracks!

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