Here is a selection of some of the hottests new releases and bands. 



Here's a band from Scotland who are thrashing our playlists but don't seem to be getting the recognition they deserve, have a listen and share share share!

Weekend Debt are a fresh new indie sound made up of 4 young, talented and vibrant musicians all from Lanark, Scotland. With Influences such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys, Courteeners and Fatherson, Weekend Debt are known to make the dance floor jumping. Their set is rimmed with indie tunes influenced by many a night out and relationships.

False Heads


Self labelled CRACK-PUNK-INDIE-ROCK, draw the likes of Iggy Pop as fans. The EP Gutter Press title song features in our PLAYLIST

False Heads are, on paper, a three piece indie band from the East of London. They are a rock photographer's wet dream. Three good looking lads with style and attitude, with singer and guitarist Luke Griffiths climbing all over the speakers, amps and drums. Every time you looked up you saw an image The Ramones would be proud to stick in the inlay of their record.

Sea Girls


Sea Girls sound like an early Bastille but with more of the Indie Anthem feel Bastille quickly lost.

Arriving in London via Leicestershire and Kent, Sea Girls know there is nothing understated or apologetic about a bold chorus, especially one that can be sung in unison by thousands of fans together of all walks of life. Sea Girls have these choruses in spades. Henry Camamile on `Heavenly War’ “This song is about that weirdly exciting but quite difficult conflict of feelings and events that makes our lives worth living. Ultimately describing that moment when you feel the best about life. I think it’s a really positive message.”



PRYO are an Indie Rock two piece band from Bathgate, West Lothian. They are not a band lacking in confidence with a clear view of their sound. A highly energetic duo who deliver a great live act and a big sound from just two individuals.

Big sound is exactly right, the unusual set up of a Lead Singer Drummer Connor and Backing vocals from 1 Guitarist Cameron, could be considered limiting... But far from it!

Critical Reaction


4 piece band from North England, started of as a pub band in 2015 and quickly released several singles and a few months ago released their first EP "Take Some Time".

I often find that now-a-days most Indie bands first few songs are a little samey, showcasing talent but not diversity. Not these guys, their first 4 songs are really good in their own way. They start out with 'Leave It Out' (their first single) it has hints of the early 2000's Nu Metal scene / Post-Grunge with progressive rifts synonymous to early Indie bands such as Arctics. 'Forget About It' flips maintains that early Indie sound but with uplifting chords giving the feeling of Post-Punk / Pop-Punk influence. 'Days' slows the pace down and brings in more of that Pop-punk / Funk sound to the forefront, with lots of building up and drops very well executed with much a lot more backing vocals. 'Home' starts with a relatively slow pace, you can hear the Indie influence massively here, then boom we start to build up and again and pull in those Nu Metal guitar rifts and progressive drums, into a guitar solo - its a little quiet could do with a little more volume, but it works.


Hard Rock

A Refreshing take on Hard Rock

Listening to them I feel like if Chris Cornell joined the Foo Fighters, during his break from Soundgarden in the late 90's, then this is the sound they produced. Now you can't sum a band in as few words, there is so much more to RavenEye so I'd really recommend you have a listen.

The Gray Vines


Alt-Rockers from New Jersey. Singer and Guitarist, Hoffman is joined by Casey O’Connell on the bass (with more vocals) and drummer (with even more vocals) Jordan Bowen, and if their track 'See Me' is anything to go by, they are set to take their home state by storm. Appealing to the indie crowd with a splash of dirty punk rock, it's impossible not to mosh and thrash to the catchy beats and infectious riffs. Check out the full run down and their video to 'See Me'

Sam Fender


21 year old song writer who's very switched on to modern affairs judging by some of his lyrical topics, which range from sexual harassment to government surveillance, corruption and dystopian senitments. Key songs to have a listen to: Start Again and Millennial. Check him out in the PLAYLIST section.

Delphina Kings

"Delphina Kings formed in 2017. Combining the fuzzy energy of Blur with the singalong hooks of The Hunna, the North West trio play an angular brand of indie rock.

I think that's a pretty fair representation, their 5 singles (linked below) have the brit-pop sound with elements of Indie-Pop & Euro-Pop merge elements of grunge and Electro! I really like "Like You" the chorus has some raw vocals which draw similarities to some early hard rock legends with a very Electro sound. 'Electric' has a very catch sound - this is where you hear the early 00's Brit sound - Think Futureheads meet Oasis meet Blur


Here we've got another Northern Band, Female fronted band who's influences are pretty clear Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Pixies... we have a Progressive Psychedelic mix of Rock & Pop.

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