Journey To Weekend Debt

On the 9th of Feb 2018, Myself and Richard embarked on the 189mile trip from Bolton to Lanark to see Scottish band Weekend Debt. We filmed the whole drive and managed to cut over 7hours of footage to 4:30mins. 

Most of the 7hours is indiscriminate laughing, Inappropriate jokes and bad singing. So I've saved you the pain and editted most out and kept the original songs over the top. 

Contains Weekend Debt related puns and Easter eggs through-out. There is a lot more footage so I'll do an outtakes video soon of all the dad jokes and lyrical references. So if this video goes down well, we'll do more.

As there is various music in it I don't want to upset any copyright. I've kept it mostly to Weekend Debts material.

Soundtrack copyright is not ours! 
Music belongs to:
Weekend Debt - Three Oh Three AM
Franz Ferdinand - Take me Out
Green Day - American Idiot
Kooks - Niave
Weekend Debt - Three Oh Three Am
Millencolin - Fox
Weekend Debt - Magnetic Girl
Blink 182 - Teenage Satalites
Placebo - Every me and Every you
Weekend Debt - Paragon

Used as promotional, fan made, content only!

FYI none of this was made for any purpose except because we could, ie it's not a serious video! 😂
and I realise I spelt copyright wrong at the end, and tbh I've deleted part of the footage off my phone and nae be arsed editting/encoding it again.

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