Monday 4 September 2017

Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights 15th anniversary Manchester 3rd September

It's not unknown that Interpol can be inconsistent when it comes to live performances. I've seen Paul enough times to know he can often be vocally out of sorts, even a listen to their 4th studio album shows they're not a flawless band.  None-the-less, every opportunity to see Interpol should be taken. Even if you hit an off day, you can guarantee that the gig will be one you never forget.

Today was not a off day, not by far. In fact, this was one of the best performances I have witnessed from Interpol, and I've seen Paul in his many forms across the world. Vocally Paul was clear to hear, even if after 15years its still impossible to know just what he's saying (lets see about this ham), and he was hitting notes better than his 24year old self.

It took a while for the gig to start, doors opened at 8pm and due to start at 9pm. It was 9.30 by the time it got going, queues were still trying to get into the Albert Hall.
We managed to get ahead and to the front pretty easily though. 

I've seen a few setlist and track arrangements for this tour, but in this instance they come out and started straight into Turn on the Bright Lights, with Daniel kicking us off with the unmistakable rift which is Untitled. Nothing but goosebumps

As usual the donning the Black suits and saying nothing other the odd introduction and Thank You. What do you expect from the mysterious quintet? This is their style and this is what makes them Interpol.

I watch showmen, I watching bands who offer a different take on their own songs, I love them. But I also love a band who turn up, smash their perfectly fine songs out one after another, uninterrupted, to a joyful crowd. It works.

We are continued to be serenaded with the Tour titled album; Obstacle 1, NYC, PDA

You will notice despite this being a tribute to their first album, the band was lacking Carlos on Bass. This is unfortunate but the guy on bass was more than adequate, I dont know his name though.
Edit: Thanks to fellow Redditor user cheesy_star  the touring bassist's  name is Brad Traux on bass

Continuing through the album, Say Hello to the Angels, Hands Away, Obstacle 2, Stella was a Diver, Roland, The New. Amazing! Everyone was inline ontime and giving a performance to truely ode the accomplishments of the last 15years.

At many Interpol gigs you get a wider range of fans in the audience, your punks, indies, electro/synths, goths, and alround eclectics - spanning every age. Which often means the atmosphere can vary from standing quietly and nodding along to all out sing and, air guitar & pogo.

It was clear today was going to be all and more, at several points drawing a circle in the pit, something I've not witnessed at an Interpol gig before. Best atmosphere by far. Being so into it I took very little pictures of the crowd.

Progressing onto a mix of their greatest hits Specialist, Not Even Jail, Slow Hands, Hienrich Manoeuvre, All The Rage Back Home and ending on the classic Evil.

In the midst of all that we got a taste of the new stuff, with the latest song Real Life. Honestly it sounded good, but amongst the centre front of a pit it's hard to get a true feel for the track and all videos seems to be poorly filmed... so I'll await the release before I really get a feel for it.

Overall this Tour shows why Interpol stand the test of time and truely can provide the show of shows, especially when it comes to their best album. 10/10.

And after all thats if you've not got it here is a link to the TOTBL album download here:

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