Thursday 22 March 2018

Lily Allen - Gorilla Manchester March 2018

It's no surprise that Lily Allen's first gig in 3 years sold out in seconds, especially when it's at a 500 capacity venue on the eve of a new Album release.
Gorilla has seen a few intimate gigs recently with the likes of Kylie doing a similar gig the week before. I'm hoping this becomes a regular thing, because intimate gigs are genuinely the best type.

There was no support act but we didn't need one, Lily Allen was about to showcase her new Album and that's all the very mixed crowd wanted.  Coming out at just after 9pm wearing a Maharishi Tracksuit, Lily hit straight off into her new material. Which was, as expect, Lily Allen through and through. Funny, heartfelt, political. Lily started off a little nervous, but that quickly changed and excitement took over.

It's a little different getting into a gig where you're hearing the songs for the first time, it's more stand, listen and enjoy than full on dance and sing. Being Lily's first gig in a few years there was a few teething issues with sound and such but that's the nature of Live music, it didn't help that's she was also suffering from a sore throat although that didn't her sound too much.. in fact she actually sounds better live than on the studio tracks!

Each track Lily gave us a little background about it's origin. 'Three' made me laugh, after she sang it, joked that whilst it's a song about her child it's an easy way at getting the gig as backing track on a certain Mobile network providers Adverts. 

I'm definitely looking forward to the album release so I can properly listen, but from the showcase it was everything you'd expect and more. It's clear the focus of the music is inspired by her children and ex partner, which introduced us to a new, grown up, side of Lily. Dont worry though we still have the party Lily we know in Higher and Trigger Bang.

The latter half of the gig we got top hits such as 'Smile' and a perfectly dedicated 'Fuck You' (to Trump and May).
Encore was 'Trigger Bang', 'The Fear' and smash hit to finish 'Not Fair'.

Overall the gig was on form and personal! Certainly worth adding to the Wishlist when she's next on tour.

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