Tuesday 7 May 2019

Sam Fender - May 2019 - O2 Ritz Manchester

Finally the stars aligned, it's been nearly 2 years of trying to see Sam Fender... If we weren't already booked up then it was that tickets sold out!
But yes last Thursday we got to see the Start Again, Play God, That Sound masterpiece maker Sam Fender. (You can get tickets this week here)

Over at the Ritz in Manchester it was rammed. Sam was so excited and very much humble. I've been banging his drum since I heard him in 2017, and it couldn't have been better. Playing new songs as well as some of my favcs such as That Sound, Start Again and Play God. His vocals were amazing and the band were tight!

What I loved more was his friends he has paying with him, including a mate (I'm sure he was called) Jimmy Blue hat, Which was amazing. Sam was just there to please, no messing around with encores at the end he just went straight into a few acoustic tracks (Poundshop Kardashians) 

I don't want to go too much into it as it was the first night and you guys need to see him to truely enjoy his offerings. Though I will say the Oasis cover Morning Glory was amazing

Hus full album tour is at the end of the year but is on sale this week check out below

For Manchester gigs click here 

For now. Michael x

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