Sunday 13 August 2017

Interpol - Summer Well

Interpol's creative genius and mysterious lyrics throw them to the top of the list for most listened and top of my seen gig tally 
[Joint 1st with Green Day & Placebo]

Including: 5 gigs in 1 decade across 3 Cities - Leeds, Blackpool & Manchester.

(Though Paul Banks clears top spot if we add the 3 times under Banks and Steelz, adding another 3 cities to that count. London, Indio and San Francisco)

Despite a decidedly poor 4th, the self titled: Interpol album did give this absolute top tune.
Relative to the first 3 and 5th studio albums, going it alone from record companies, Interpol stretched the bar. Moving to a grungy, more raw sound... but without the desired affect with fan ratings.

This is 1 of the good sounds off the album, an often unsung and therefore my share for top song off of Interpol - Interpol

Summer Well
Available to Download Here.

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