Thursday 8 February 2018

1 More Song Sea Girls

You are going to get 2 posts about this band,am sure, but they are worth it!

I didn't know what to expect, small venue, relatively unknown band, slap bang in the uni district. They were awesome!

The band had everybody in the place hooked, each song pouring more energy into a red hot room. The lead singer interacted brilliantly jumping into the crowd for a walk around first and then crowd surfing later on in the set. When it sadly came to an end everyone demanded one more song, they didn't let us down and the fact it was a repeat of a song already heard and the crowd got even more into it shows how amazing they are.

In summary go and see these guys now whilst the tickets are only £6 and the places are still intimate, where you can get close to the action because in a year's time I doubt you will get much change from £50 for a ticket... Will still be worth it though!

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