Tuesday 21 August 2018


Seeing Mest, for me, was a teenage dream come true. My good friend introduced me to them when we were early teens. Now, that's a good few years ago, yet the feeling I get from music is still the same. Front row at the Alma in Bolton transported me back to that time. A time when punk rock and pop punk really got me, with each and every shouty anthem i listened to, I felt alive, young and free.

I'd never actually seen Mest before but it was everything I expected, everything I wanted.

When we got home sleeping was a feat: ears ringing, belly full of rum, Cadillac replaying over in my head. Alive, young and free!

Punk rock as fuck. 4 bands. 4 really brilliant bands and although the people count didn't dip into 3 figures, the atmosphere more than made up for it.

Mrs Foxon x x x

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