Saturday 15 December 2018

2018 it's almost over

As I lay reminiscent of the last 12months I realise the grip music has on my life is ever stronger. I've broken my personal record of gigs having seen over 50 bands this yest (excluding the other bands I also saw at festivals).
The last few months saw the likes of Blossoms, Ben Howard, Interpol, Anti-flag, Poets of the fall and so much more I haven't written up here either for one reason and another.

As well as some great gigs earlier in the year: False Heads, Sea Girls, Weekend Debt, Meat, The Cure, Pale Waves, PYRO, Able's Army and so many more!

I picked my old Epiphone SG more this year and even moved across to Bass which has been eating my time for the past month - as plan my next ventures for 2019.

So who really made 2018 so great?
Well how about this list of amazing EPs/albums released in 2018

Ben Howard - Noonday dream
Blossoms - Cool Like You
Prodigy - No Tourists
Andrew WK -  You’re Not Alone
False Heads - Less Is Better
Sisteray - Sisteray Said
Interpol - Marauder
Lily Allens  No Shame
MXPX - Mxpx
Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises
Poets of the Fall - Ultraviolet
Robyn - Honey
Sam Fender - Dead boys
Sea Girls - Heavenly War / Adored
Shame - Songs of Praise
Tom Grennan - Lighting Matches
Tom Odel - Jubilee road
Years & Years - Salo Panto
YONAKA - Teach Me to Fight / Creature / FWTB 

There really are loads more spanning all genres, this is the list that I played a fair bit this year

And some not so great, but equally worth noting:
Florence and the Machine - High as Hope
Artic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Looking back to last year's who I think will make it big this year:

Sea Girls
Weekend Debt
Sam Fender
Le Boom
False Heads

How did I fair? I think some are really making it big and some are still working it, but I have faith.

Catch my post in 2 weeks where I map out 2019, who I think is going to be big and upcoming albums.

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