Friday 28 December 2018

Bands to watch out for in 2019

Following on from last years post, here are the Bands/Artist in my sight for a great 2019. Some of these bands are already doing well and i'm expecting to see some massive things come this way - there's a playlist at the bottom so feel free to check them out without going looking.

The Reytons
A band I've mentioned a few times. This Doncaster based Indie Quartet really have that Yorkshire indie sound. This years EP 'Alcopops & Charity Shops' really got me, particular Harrison Lessor! Became my slightly overplay track earlier this year - and deservedly so. We're getting out to see these lads and Feb and I cannot wait! Want to watch them? Tickets here

We've shared a few bits about Antero's throughout the year, I believe they're destined from even more in 2019. This London Indie Pop band has a mix of influence from the likes of The Cure, Blondie, No Doubt - and it really shows in  their music. 

No Hot Ashes 
Quartet from Stockport, branded as post-pop-discofunk.
Their Debut EP "Skint Kids Disco EP" was released March 2018. The band is receiving pretty good success so far, listing on some major festivals and embarking on tours. The speed of their uprising is only going to grow over the coming years.
Fancy watching them? check out Neighbourhood Weekender which is listing these guys amongst many upcoming and already established bands

5 Piece band from Chelsford, their first EP was released in 2015 and has clocked over 1m plays on spotify. Since then the band has released a few more EP's with a strong reception but not reaching that high number, yet. I'm confident of their 2019 progress!

Manchester Indie-Pop quartet has had a good few years, hitting some pretty major festivals and even featured on a few major Introducing playlists.

Alice Merton 
German Canadion British songwriter who's doing very well in France. She has several singles and an EP out. Alice also featured on Tom Odell's Jubilee road.
If you're interested Alice Merton is  touring the UK in marchTickets here

Lady Bird
3 piece punk band from Kent, a kind of mix between Blur & The Streets meet Rage against the Machine. Touring in March too

OK this one’s a little stretchy as the guys are already doing well in the US and also breaking the UK. Brought onto my radar a while back now as Joey is the son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.
If you're interested the band are touring the UK in march - Tickets here

Lets not forget the artists picked out last year who've been having a really good year, and I can only expect more in 2019. I’ve added some of their latest stuff to the end of this year’s playlist too.

Le Boom
False Heads
Sam Fender
Sea Girls
Weekend Debt


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