Saturday 21 September 2019

Crazy week in the Punk Genre

How amazing is this week! Blink-182 dropped their Latest Album NINE. Green Day announcement for Single, album and world tour with none other than Fall Out Boy and Weezer. We have Goldfinger and Less Than Jake playing the UK this week... and fuck! Mike Harrera is going an intimate gig too. I've said it before that MxPx are the last in my bucket list of Punk legends I really need to see, and whilst it's not The full set up, I'm so buzzin about Mike!!
I never expected to see Mest, ever, after 15 years they turned up at little old Town Bolton, UK. And even more so meeting and chatting with Tony for a few hours showed how humble and gracious he was.
And definitely never anticipated on seeing MXPX anytime soon... So much so I'm going alone just to see them.

We've seen Millencolin, last year was Less Than Jake for the first time. All this on top of previous idols such as Billie, Tre and Mike! Blink 182 a few years ago, Matt Skiba too!! Antiflag last year (twice). Stiff little fingers (every year they tour).
Amongst a raft of up and coming new Punk stars (False Heads and so on).

But honestly MxPx and Mike are the final one my list, to sit and have a pint with, shake the hand of the guy that set out my music path. Doin Time and Punk Rock Show and the pinnacle tracks of all great playlist.

Major stoked for Monday and Sunday this week! Mx

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