Saturday 19 May 2018

Michael's Mini Post #1

F**k the system?
This weekend was about watching one thing.. yea you guessed it. No it wasn't another distraction perfectly timed to announce a Lord peerage or one of them Sporting events. It was Netflix 13ReasonsWhy S2.
Now this isn't a TV blog this is music, but 13Reasons contained a lot of the music I was already playing this week... Punk! 

It started with a little Sex Pistols "Anarchy in The UK"... you know, just for kicks. Although I feel this song is a little meaningless since old Johnny Rotten couldn't be any less punk nowadays.

Back to 13Reasons, filled with teen Punk rebellion. Admittedly it the storyline could have been more hard-hitting in line with today's society. I enjoyed just Punking out a little on my relax weekend, ahead of next weekends festival doubles - Dot-To-Dot Manchester then AllPointsEast London.

So how about a little Ska Punk / Indie / Garage from YUNGBLUD

What else? False heads touring, and it seems to be getting bigger each time I see the poster. If you're in any of these cities you need to check these guys out, they are truly a regeneration of punk in 2018

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