Sunday 2 September 2018

Sisteray - Sisteray Said EP

There's several things I like about blogging, apart from the fact it's a great way of storing those memories of gigs that fade over the years, it is the meeting new bands and listening to new music!

Today... Punk Rock, Mod-revival, 4 Piece, Sisteray and their soon to be released EP 'Sisteray Said'. 

The EP is released under Vallance Records, produced by Jonathan Hucks (who's worked with the likes of False Heads) and has guest vocals too from Lucie Barat and Kat Five.

Wannabes, available on Spotify now, continues the theme of 15 Minutes. Another hit out modern day society, with a hit of upbeat guitars rifts and a catchy chorus.

Rumour Mill, kicks right in with a marching drum beat leading into sweet, impacting, keys rift! The chorus is head bouncing and makes even the most hungover head want to get up move! Well harmonised and produced track, which has a rollercoaster of ups and downs! 4minutes of lush listening, if this track doesn't hit the charts I'll be surprised.

Algorithm Prison, also available on Spotify, a hit out at social media companies and their mass farming and data selling! It's got one of those hook bridges you'll be chanting at everyone you want to fuck off.

Sisteray Said, the title track, starting with progressive bass line and punk distorted guitars. WMCYW! Well it's only 2mins long and I wanted more more more! But that's the only pit fall. The track is another chanting, stick in your head chorus. A well designed and constructed track.

Overall the EP is a beautiful modern punk rock piece, it's showing why the band is taking the festivals and industry by storm in just 18 months. 
Get it pre-ordered, get a tour ticket, enjoy!

The EP is out 7th September, on all media formats CD, Cassette, Digital, Vinyl etc. There is also a limited edition Vinyl for you retros out there.
The launch party is Thursday the 6th, in London, and is also followed by a UK tour
Tickets here

29 Sep – BLACKBURN – Electric Church
03 Oct – BRIGHTON – Hope and Ruin
05 Oct – BRISTOL – Mothers Ruin 
06 Oct – OXFORD – The Cellar
08 Oct – SOUTHAMPTON – The Joiners
10 Oct – LEEDS – The Lending Room
11 Oct – SHEFFIELD – Cafe Totem
12 Oct – LIVERPOOL – Jacaranda
13 Oct – READING – Oxjam
17 Oct – LONDON – 100 Club
18 Oct – ST ALBANS – The Horn 
20 Oct – HULL – Ulltra Festival

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