Sunday 2 September 2018

Thoughts of Her(bs) & Give me something new x2!

When it comes to checking out new music, it doesn't take long for the topic to spiral out of control - hell the topic was never in control... Pansamientos Loco!

So what's gone on this last week or so? Well I've got a mixed bag of tunes - rolling through all the best genres Alt, Punk, Indie, Garage, Electro coming up.

Before that I'm going to do what I don't do enough of and give you a little more on alomr HQ's. I've spent the last week on and off updating the site. Well as I find time outside of the day job to do it anyways - if only my day job was designing websites, not software, I'd find it much easier. Alas fresh new look is coming along!

We also collectively discuss and review the various submissions we get or stumble upon. Often we struggle to stay on topic long enough to form a consolidated opinion, especially as us 'Mcfly Fans' don't always agree with the 'Natty Dreaklock White Metal Head'. (Nothing like brotherly name calling to reaffirm loving friendships)

This week we somehow ended up creating some amazing cover art and lyrics for the fictional Folk SKA album 'Thoughts of Her(bs)', courtesy of Chris' thoughtful roadtrip pics 

Anyway there's a little more insight into how our minds tick when given a little creative prod.

¡Vamanos! Tiempo para el trabajo...  La Musica 😍

As I said before we've got a range of music for you beautiful people. Fresh tunes, new faces & old faces, pre-releases to suprise releases.

Let's start in chronological order

False Heads Yellow was released, I've touched on this several times now, so get over and listen to it now you can. It's fucking amazing! Spotify here.
The guys are touring and I highly recommend you watch them, at £4 a ticket it'd be rude not too (check out I may even have a spare ticket or 2 to the Manchester gig on 28th September so feel free to reach out to us.

Regiment - Halifax based Alt Trio fell into earshot. Having listened to their 2016 EP which has an Alternative raw post-metal undertone, their 2018 release Mr No Name draws on those raw talents with a garage/indie almost pop-punk feel at times. I'm hearing 2001 GreenDay and early White Stripes tones. There's a highly professional quality to the recording and certainly signs of growing improvement, I think these guys are one to watch over the coming year.

On a side note got a listen to Tristans other project TheSinglesClub and it's yet to be released single the The One. The track is a large step away from Regiment, this is an Electro-pop band. The track is promoted as an 80s track and it certainly falls into that bracket.
Singing with more conviction you can hear more vocal maturity over regiment tracks.
At the start sounds similar to MGMT, although left me wanting a little more as the song drew on.
The beat is as you'd expect from elecro-pop, it is well executed and I could see being remixed very well into other genre's. 
The track itself was short 2mins and feel I wanted more verses - that could be the copy I was sent. Lyrics wise is a love/break up song (I'm my personal opinion not the sort of song I'd normally listen to, but gives good expectations for future releases and shows the range of music styles)

Sisteray are a band that lands in my shuffle frequently or billed at festivals were at, and yet whilst 'listening' to them - I haven't truly listened to them, until recently. This London based Punk/mod-revival band will suit you False Heads fans, and visa versa. They are a rock and roll band with more mainstream tones, it's clear why they are on the up and up.
This morning I received their latest EP 'Sisteray Said'. Watch this space! I'll give you a run through later today as I listen to it.
Check out the run down here Sisteray Said

Jon Tessier has released an Indie/Alt Garage track 'Hold me, Hold me' From EP Slice Of Paradise. Jon is a Brazilian/French artist with background in several bands and this is a solo project exploring new sounds. Listening to other Spotify tracks he's trying various lines touching upon Pop, Alt, Indie and Garage.
'Hold me Hold me' is a decent deep tune with a good strong beat and lovely guitar rifts. It's a simple 3 piece set up, but that's doesn't take away from the sound.

All for now! I'll be back shortly with more on 'Sisteray Said'.


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