Monday 28 January 2019

2019, What's going on!

What's going on in so far? A few amazing gigs for you...

Bloc Party have announced 2019 tour playing Silent Alarm album in full!! How Fucking amazing! Unfortunately this mofo is saving for a trip to Canada (yes that's exciting in itself, but missing out on a lot of gigs these next few months :( ) Want to see these them? Check out tour deets here

Catfish and the Bottlemen announce 3rd album details and tour! Jesus I'm like on withdrawals, another amazing gig I'm probably going to have to turn down. Though having not seen these guys live yet I'm thinking I may have to stretch my budget and get there some how!

Ryan Adams announced 3 albums this, he just seems to be knocking them out left right and centre. Well he's touring this year! And he is certainly worth the dinero to see, amazing talent!

All for now, playing catch up this year so I'll be drip feeding you all news.

For now, Mx

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