Thursday 4 June 2020

Lockdown New Music Playlist

Ok I've stopped counting months for my new music! I've lost track of days months and years right now. How is it June already?

Anyway, this week we revamped the website. It's minimalist, on brand and now with better links to our content and our new Podcast MIND CASSETTES. Of which were going to start mentioning new music on aswell. 

We also created a few new accounts for sharing music better, included a proper ALOMR spotify account were we have begun moving our Playlists too.

As for playlist here's the latest new music in our world;

Joesef - The Sun is up Forever
Gurba - Saw You There
Lyerr - Ride Our Luck
Creature Creature - Broken Windows
Peach Luffe - Rollercoaster
Bugeye - When The Lights Go Out
Elucidate - Everything, Always
Edge of Desire - Explicit
Just Tommy - Play for Likes 

For now,


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