Wednesday 31 January 2018

The Gray Vines - See Me

Sometimes, politically, Britain and the USA seem worlds apart. We have our problems, they have their, very different, problems. Musically, however, both nations have a history of producing loud and hard hitting rock ‘n roll protests to these problems.

This week we had a listen to the new single, ‘See Me’, from New Jersey Alt-Rockers, The Gray Vines. This sub-2 minute attack feels both like a love-letter to The Dead Kennedys and a vicious hate-letter to the greedy, established decision makers of America.

The driving guitar riff during the bridge makes you sit up and take notice of Jake Hoffman’s plea “You cry when your stack is shrinking, they cry when they're dying”. This is Raw, this is aggressive, and this is bloody brilliant.

Singer and Guitarist, Hoffman is joined by Casey O’Connell on the bass (with more vocals) and drummer (with even more vocals) Jordan Bowen, and if this track is anything to go by, they are set to take their home state by storm. Appealing to the indie crowd with a splash of dirty punk rock, it's impossible not to mosh and thrash to the catchy beats and infectious riffs. A modern twist on the skate punk rock that made it's way from California to the UK in the early 90’s. This track wouldn't seem out of place compiled next to Bad Religion, yet it fits right in with the chuggy aggressiveness of today.

The video is subtitled with the lyrics, an aggravated message to the ignorant fat cats, crying over their millions, while the real problem is on the street level. As the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and scenes of riots and fighting create a backdrop for the video, reminding us that the cultural divide is constantly being ignored. “Think of all the things you choose to see. See me!”.

So, it turns out, our establishments aren't any different. The problem is the same all over the world, and it always has been. There were punks in the 70’s, rappers in the 80’s, metalheads in the 90’s all holding up the same middle finger the Gray Vines are holding up right now. The message is always as strong and the music always kicks ass!

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