Thursday 15 March 2018

Stiff Little Fingers - The Ritz Manchester Mar 2018

I feel really indifferent about posting a blog about this gig. I feel strange when it comes to a band who've been doing gigs since well before I was born.
It's been 41 years since Stiff Little Fingers first came on the scene, 1977 and this is Northern Ireland's answer to Punk. The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols.. the short lived Punk scene paved the way for whole new world of Music, giving us the Post-Punk genres we know and love today. 

For the last 7years I've seen Stiff Little Fingers at their Annual Tour, hitting Manchester around St Patrick's Day each year. I was 14 when I first heard Alternative Ulster, 23years after it was released, at the height of the NI Troubles. It wasn't for another 10 years that I really got into SLF, extending my playlist from Inflammable Material and Nobody's Hero, and started listening to some of their recent Albums of which there are 8 other studio albums and many live compilations.

Supported by Ruts DC (aka The Ruts), of Babylons Burning fame, Stiff Little Fingers - Jake Burns, Ian Mccallum, Ali McMordie and Steve Grantley came on a little later than normal, about 9:15pm. 
If you haven't seen SLF live, they are what you'd expect of Punks in their 50s/60s, older, aged and certainly not jumping around smashing the stage, instead opting to create atmosphere through storytelling - of which Jake Burns is synonymous for - and playing really good anthems.

It's last year we saw their 40th anniversary so got mostly Greatest Hits, not a bad thing, this year we got some of the lesser played songs and even a taster of their new song Tilting Windmills influenced by Brexit, typical of recent SLF songs, got their new sound but based on the typical Politics we expect from Jake. I can tell you it had an awesome guitar solo in it.

I can't give much more on these guys, they are amazing and part of the influence in my love of music. Take the opportunity to see these guys whilst they are still touring, it's worth every penny

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