Saturday 21 July 2018

Michael's mini post #7 What a week for singles!

Well what a week it's been for me and for releases!
Over in my life I think Mike Skinner laid down the right lyrics - "It was supposed to be so easy..."
After all the interviews and new Job secured, life dropped another option (good options, but now I have hard decisions to make!)

Anyway over to the release! This week:

Alkaline Trio - Blackbird
Yonaka - Fired Up
MUSE - Something Human
Offspring - Down

Well Offspring's track goes a little intense, in an OTT way to start but later into the track it gets the decent Offspring we know.

Alkaline Trio! Well, it doesn't feel like that long since we heard from Matt (mainly because it's not, with his place firmly in Blink history now). It's certainly nice to hear Matt back with the gang, giving us the dark and somewhat depressing tones we're used to from recent Trio albums.

As for Muse... Well this track gives a different sound than the classic Muse. With the presence of Steel Drums Matt Bellamy calls it retro, it's certainly different! To be honest, it wouldn't be a miss in a Disney or Pixar film during some song break out! Take that as you will.

YONAKA, I love it! But I'm going to leave that one for Chris to tell you about later!

In other news False Heads laid down a glimpse of their latest track Yellow which we can't wait for, sounds awesome!
We also heard Able's Army are about to drop their next track and we can't wait to get on that!

Chris is going to take a deeper listen into Yonaka and Able's Army and relay back for all you excited people!

That's all for now!

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