Sunday 30 September 2018

Jet Lag? Who needs time zones.

OK it's been about 2 weeks since you've heard from any of us on the blog. Though it has been a very busy time musically and such.

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Personally I spent a week across the pond in New York City for what technically was a Holiday and being a quest at a wedding... But was more like a week long party with far too much Tequila. At 18 that's a Holiday, at 30 holidays want to be a little more chilled. Oh well.

Over in New York Sony Music held a special event for the largest technology in their Audio portfolio. With special guest Tom Odell. It's fair to say that the sound quality from their auditorium Sony Hall is something above and beyond immense! The sound was so clear and diverse I want to see all my gigs there, literally blown away.

Also got a pair for WH1000XM2s noise cancelling headphones... Another set of audio immerse which are highly customisable! If you're looking for upper end wireless over-ears check them out.

Here's a few snaps from Tom Odell's showcase of his new album in Sony Hall. It's everything you'd expect and more. If you get over to NY you have to get into the Hall and see someone, anyone!


That's all for now. Coming up over the next few days, False Heads! I'm going to do a seperate post because it's too much to do in one go.

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