Tuesday 9 October 2018

October's new music

We get a lot of music sent to us, some good, some not so much - each to their own in taste. We just share what we personally like, keeping true to our own tastes, rather than sharing for the sake of sharing.

So what's on the agenda, let's start with Scottish duo Pyro, since we came across these fellas at Gentle Giant Music Festival and I've been tracking their tracks, and we keep getting a real treat on each one. They are a Grungy, Indie duo with a unique set up and a talent for catchy lyrics.
There's been quiet a lot of singles dropped this year and I'm certain that this duo are destined for more than we see. The quality and originality in their music I'd expect to see higher play counts, which is frustrating, you all need to get on them!

Anyway I got a sneak peak at their latest track "Don't Hold Back" which is released later this week. Carrying much of tones and lyrical story telling that follows from their last track "Regret Or Forget" and "Too Far Gone", this new track has an added layer of upbeat and slightly faster tempo. Really like the build up straight from the start! They are really good live to, so if you're in Scotland or see Pyro billed elsewhere, get down and support them.

If you can't wait to hear them check out their back catalogue on Spotify, new single link to follow later in week.

Other tracks we're diggin this month are from Manchester, and that's indie rock quartet The Covasettes  and their track 'Top Drawer' which is reaching a rather phenomenal number of plays.
We got another sneak peak from these guys on their latest track 'Wild', which is out on 12 October.

The single is a clean and well produced track, for a band with only a few singles on Spotify they really are shining through and, I believe, on the brink of something big!
The track starts with a high pitched rift and memorable chorus, leading to some nice bridges and tempo changes - I'm wondering where these guys have come from, what's their background.
Just 2 listens and I'm wondering how come I haven't heard these guys sooner! Already wondering when / where I can get to see them!

Check them out and I'll drop the Spotify link when singles released.

Final track for today is Derby Alt Rock Grunge band Marvin's Revenge with 'Overlook'. This is a pretty nice chilled out track, with an almost Stone Roses feel to it, actually much better than their first EP (which is also pretty good, but much less redined)

At times their sounds is familiar, but frustratingly I can't put my finger on why.
I enjoy of well the lead guitar and bassists work so well together, the rifts bounce off each other in perfect symmetry.

I got some other submissions, check them out in this months playlist here : Playlist

The New Consistent (almost sounds like Mike Skinner meets Synth pop, wasn't my cuppa but you may find something you like)

Stiofan (unique sound, ballads, meets rap, meets pianos - vocals are just a little too close for my liking, but check it out you might like)

Strawberry Mountain (these were a little up my street. Get ready for some synth, spacey, pedal fx's, dreamy alternative elecro-pop. I oddly like their sound - it's a nice relaxing tone. I'm not sure where it sits in my mind. I need to do some more listening)

So that's what we've been checking out this week, more to follow through-out the month.


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