Monday 19 November 2018

30 Day music challenge

So we've been on a little blog post hiatus this last few weeks.
Whilst music has still be life, we've been to loads of gigs, missed a few too :(. 
Listened to new albums and been sent a ton of messages (we're trying to get through), but I promise we'll be coming back to this soon.

In the meantime we're still as active as ever on Facebook & Twitter sharing away... New music, gig pics, tickets and more. 


New to 2020

Discussing the best soundtracks in games, movies, sports and life. A nostalgic look at music in pop culture and the influence on memories and life. 

Here's something cool we came across, 30day challenges and we've been doing this one so feel free to join in on Facebook with us each day. 

We'll collate all the suggestions and see what music really rocks people's lives

For now. Mx (pro support)

FYI - found out the original came from @Nick_Frost he's also got some other challenges music/TV and more! worth checking out if you enjoy them :)

Recent update, we also did this version a short while after. I set the exact Question so no one really had time to pre-pick, feel free to set your own question 

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