Saturday 23 February 2019

The Clause - Jimmy's Manchester 2019

It's been a while since I wrote about a gig, been too busy at gigs, making music & on the socials.
Anyway it was about time we gave this place a little more attention.

Thankfully building and sharing music on Social Media is what lead to this next band we went to see - The Clause.

4 piece from Birmingham, I'm gonna copy in their bio. When you read it, you think WTF is going on - how does that even work?
The Clause, are a 4 piece alternative indie band from Birmingham formed in 2016. They describe themselves as having a ‘60’s swagger, an 80’s groove and a 90’s attack with the odd techno influence in the live shows’.

I hadn't read that bio until today, and after the gig last night I was sat thinking how do I even explain this band. Their music spans so much from 70s through to 2000s with swing and swagger of Elvis. Each of their tracks had a different style and certainly can't be criticised of being too samey.

I really worried about what I would even say to explain them, I think, at times the closest comparison was these guys are 2019's Alternative answer to The Hives - tho that does a injustice because these guys are miles better and the Hives!
But I think their bio sums them up perfectly.

These guys played a raft of their released songs including Sixteen, Tokyo & their latest slower track Where Are You Now, they dropped a few covers such as Indeeps Last Night a DJ Saved my life. The lads also played as some new tracks which were even better than their current songs and showing a growth in their own (very mixed) sound. I loved it!

My only criticism was Viva La RevoluciĆ³n, the band did something I really love, and that was drop snippets of great speeches into the middle of songs, I think it's underdone. I just really wish it wasn't Charlie Chaplin's Final Speech, which is amazing, but I think it's too soon after Paolo Nutini used it.

One thing I did notice is these guys certainly have a lot of backing and I'm expecting them to make it big time.

So yea check them out over at all the social places, here's a few links save you some time:
Spotify: The Clause
Facebook: TheClauseBrum
Instagram: TheClause_Birmingham

Band members and setup.
Pearce McMenamin (vocals & guitar) - playing a BoyBlue Rickenbacker (I think it was a 330/12 tho don't quote me on that, 2 single coil pickups, beautiful).
Niall Fennell (Mapex Drums & Synth).
Liam Deakin (Guitar) - Liam started with a sweet Cherry Red dual-coil Gretsch (not a clue which model!) tho with a few strap nut issues this was swiftly swapped out for a sunburned Fender Telecaster!
Jonny Fyffe (bass guitar & backing vocals) - keeping the theme with a Fender Jazz.

Also an orange amp head just to round off that retro image.

Anyways that's all for now. Check out a few pics below, There's more on our socials too. I got a few videos but the quality was crackling, so I implore you check them out and listen on your streaming service etc you know the drill

For Now, Mx

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