Wednesday 11 March 2020

March 2020 - New Music Playlist - Indie & Chill

Its been a while since I posted some new music and I've got a handful of new tracks to share. There is a selection of my favorite tracks that bands send in and some of these are bands I've stumbled upon in my musical journey.

So if you're in need of a new pick-me-up or some music to enjoy whilst you self-isolate from the world (whether that be because of this years deadly virus or just because you need don't like people) - then you've come to the right place! Playlist here and embedded below; Indie & Chill - March 2020

Joesef - Think That I Don't Need Your Love, we bumped into Joesef's guitarist James whilst in Glasgow watching Weekend Debt and what a find this is! He's been compared to Amy Winehouse and you will understand why, with his cool mix of chilled soul, jazz, bluesy, easy music to relax your soul. 
Check out the EP Play Me Something Nice. 
Also check out Joesef's Tour as the guys are down from Scotland to tour the UK over the next few weeks. We're going to YES to see them.

Dancing On Tables - Not to Need You, I also really like Body and Black. These 5 lads from Fife make up the Pop-Rock band, they have a really funky sound which literally makes you want to dance on tables. Check them out and if you're quick they're are the start of a nationwide Tour!

Snowflake Generation - Wake Me Up is there new track, Part of Me & Madness are on Spotify and they are decent tracks too. They're really coming along and getting a bit of a following in the Midlands and take a lot a influence from some of our favs! They're also doing a few gigs around Birmingham, Wrexham and London - we've got our eyes on when they come to Manc!

The K's - Got a Feeling is there new track, we also really like Glass Towns! The K's are a fast pace than the last 3 the have a similar vibe to No Hot Ashes & Weekend Debt so they're gonna be a winner in our books. There's some very Punky tracks too, bonus.

ZORILA - Sidney is their new album, I think Disaster is one of the best tracks, you can find it on the playlist. They sound really chilled but energetic and reminded me of a faster more upbeat Turnover

Weekend Debt - Legato we can't have a playlist that's heavily Scottish and not include Weekend Debts latest track! Every great playlist must include this banger it's got some chunky pace to it.

Sam Fender - Hold Out Need I say more, if you haven't heard of Sam Fender then you're really living under rock. Hold Out is the latest release and currently not main stream radios so get your fill here

The Hunna - Cover You The Hunna have been on my radar about 4 or 5 years now and their first album 100 was my sound of the summer 2016! Seeing them at Dot-to-Dot you could see they had something special. The 2nd album lost me, I think it was too much of the Label and not enough Hunna.. anyway they are back, teamed up with John Feldmann (Goldfinger/BigNoise) (!!!) for album 3 and released this corker with Travis Barker, its definitely a step toward the early Hunna.

As we're on the lines of some good chill music how about Paul Bank's (Interpol) new band Muzz and their very loungey track Bad Feelings

for now,

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