Monday 14 August 2017

Coachella 2017 - Part 3 : Banks, Trance and going Gaga

Off we go... Coachella 2017 - Part 3

Hangover and a broken back from sleeping in a car - only one way to get over that, Food and Beer. 
Today's Lineup is a less Clash and more Dash - Outdoor, Outdoor, Bar, Outdoor, Food, Coachella, Sahara, Coachella, Outdoor, Coachella.

The Plan: 
Blossoms, Arkells, Banks & Steelz, Bastille, Two Door Cimema Club, Royksopp, Bon Ivor, DJ Snake then Lady Gaga

The Reality:
Nursing a Tequila hangover and trying to avoid the extremely expensive onsite food we'd planned to go to a restaurant off-site in Indio.  Turns out you can't shuttle out to the shops anymore even getting an Uber was a treck. All in the name of Money, you're on-site you buy food here and drink here regardless of options and price.

2 hours wasted to get to some proper grub, not to mention the extremely long walks in the midday sun on the hangover ruined. 

Skip The Blossoms - Local Manchester lads we can catch them at the Ritz or Apollo sometime soon.
Skip Arkells not too bothered on then today, bigget fish to fry and energy needed for that.

Bring on 3pm Saturday 15th Outdoor Stage Banks and Steelz. Now here is one I've been waiting for, the 2 part collaboration from Paul Banks (Interpol) & RZA (Wu Tang Clan). Mixing the Hip Hop beats and Indie Rifts with the 2 lyrical styles, in my eyes this works and works very well at that.

Having previously caught these guys at London XOYO in November I knew we where in for a treat. It seems not everyone got the memo on Banks and Steelz, drawing a relatively small crowd was some what disappointing - not that it stopped me getting to the front, ignoring how many where behind me or not.

Admittedly sound was off, and not the best performance I've seen from these guys. Never the less 7/10 performance  and  7/10 Atmosphere.

Notable tracks : One by One, Conceal, Love and War, Wild Seasons (ft Bishop Briggs, not Florence which was a shame), Giants.  [#Fanboy]

Break Time:

Bastille & Two Door Cinema Club two more British bands on the cards. The sound worked well on these guys smashing out top hits Bad Blood & Pompeii and Undercover Martyn & Bad Decisions. I don't recall much that stood out but their on the list.

Food time: Honestly don't remember where this came from or who cooked it, but it was in my pics for that day that time.

Sobering up and heading to Sahara to see Royskopp, another let down with the stage selection. Royksopp filled the Sahara over flowing again, though not as much as Empire of The Sun.

I hit a stumbling block here, turns out on the trip for food off-site I didn't scan back in - not sure how I got through Security the 2 times before but I needed to go queue up for wristband to be reactivated (with proof of ID) before I could pass go.

15min into Royksopp set before I got there. Absolutely blown it away, legendary Norwegian Synth Pop / Trance at its finest. 9/10 Performance, 9/10 Lighting and 9/10 Atmosphere

Notable Tracks: Running To the Sea, The Girl and The Robot, Do It Again.

Moving over to Outdoor Theatre...

DJ Snake pretty good, as expected great sound and visuals. Let's be honest we're only waiting for Let Me Love You. Though certainly welcome to hear Major Lasers Lean On.
Worst thing about day 3, if you haven't been able to charge your phone and you lose someone mid-set you're done for until you meet back at the camp!
8/10 overall performance and atmosphere.

The night draws on and we've given up the search for lost people, lets move on to trying to find another group to the left of disabled seating at the Main Stage.

Time for Lady Gaga. Given I like some her early songs and don't mind the rest, plus it's unlikely I'll get a chance to see her again - I'm looking forward to this.

Don't waste time looking for people at the Main Stage, especially if you have UK phones. It's a wasted effort. Though we have just got pretty far forward so not too wasted.

It's easy to forget how many big songs Lady Gaga has, putting on a major show of around 18 hit including a premier debut of The Cure.  This really was a great performance and clearly the previous nights sound issues had been ironed out, I don't remember any negatives.

There was a whole raft of songs to call out,  personally Just Dance takes me back to being 18 so that was the one. The rest really fall under the Gaga hits (Poker Face, Telephone, Bad Romance, Alejandro, Venus etc)

End of day 2... Planning on making the most of tomorrow the sauce was put down until the morning, early night.

Part 4

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