Saturday 2 September 2017

Leeds Festival 2017 Friday

Leeds festival to me is a home turf, spending most of my teen years and early 20s at the weekend its easy and known. I've not been for about 5 or 6 years as the line ups have been a little off. This year changed, it was an awesome line up. Unfortunately due to family commitments we opted for the friday only. 

Maybe it's time, or festival conditioning, but it seems a lot smaller in the main arena than I remembered. Every tent feels much closer together, mind you this is easier to move between acts.

The Sherlocks
If you've not heard of these guys, they sound like an amalgamation of Arctic Monkeys come Courteeners. Having only just released their first ablum in August its a good to see them on the NME stage, fair play thought, they have put a lot of work in promoting their EPs and singles for the past few years.

They drew a large crowd, I headed in early so couldn't see how big, but it was a very good atmosphere. 
The lads were in spot on, perfectly in sync and no notes missed. Really showed why they are drawing the attention they've been getting. 

Smashing out great performance on the main stage, the stockport, band gathered a large crowd which saw them play some of their top songs; At Most A Kiss, Honey Sweet, Charlemagne  as well as covering The Smiths There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out.

Definitely a band to go and see, really good performers live and a large vocal range. 

Liam Gallagher 
Liam Gallagher is Liam Gallagher,  you get what you expect, alone, Oasis or with anyone else. It doesn't change, it doesn't need to either. Sounded great, looked, well, as usual, in a raincoat! Typical manc.
The set was very much a flit between his solo tracks and Oasis classics such as; Morning Glory, Slide away, Wonderwall

With Muse and The Hunna clashing we opted to listen to half 1 of Muse and half 2 of The Hunna.

This worked well for as my favorite muse songs were at the beginning, Plugin Baby, Hysteria & Stockholm Syndrome. You know what you're getting with Muse, they've been around for years and prove their style is as current as ever. 

Matt Bellamy's vocal range was the best of the night hitting the usual drawn out high notes, alongside the part Progressive part Electronica instrumental reminded me why Origin of Symmetry is one of my favorite albums from early 00's.

The Hunna
This was a let down, I've seen The Hunna at Manchester Catherdral and they were very good. The band was in sync and vocals were perfect. Since then the guys released their album and I was hoping to hear a full set.

The sound was off, who ever did the soundcheck did a bad job. Particulary the Drums, they were over powering and at times seemed out of sync. We stuck out a few songs and were partially able to enjoy Never Enough, We Could Be and Piece by Piece. Part way through Shes Casual we called it a day on the set and left, I'd rather wait till their next in town and listen to a bad a version.

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