Monday 25 September 2017

The Sherlocks - Manchester Academy 15th Sep 2017

Sherlocks at the Acedemy. So to start I had a spare ticket which was quickly snapped up after a quick Facebook share (at Face value I might add, I am against any form of sapping up tickets and selling them on for profit! I believe the law & Ticket agencies could do much better still).

So I met the buyer at queue for the doors opening @ 6:45pm, not my plan - far too early. Sherlocks aren't on until 9:30pm. There was a very big queue of 12-18year olds. I'm trying to work out if this is their first gig and don't yet know they'll be stood around waiting or they're making a night of it... either way fast forward 2hours and we head back to go into the Acedemy. There was a bunch of 14year olds being refused entry for basically crawling and falling all over the show.

Get inside after a search and ID check, best go to the bar and get a pint and shot before they come on... apparently 1 ID per drink, so you can only have a pint or a shot at 1 time!

Time to start... Last Night, what a song to start, excellent! Leading on from Escapade to Will You Be There.

I can't complain about the performance, they were as excellent as my review from Leeds Festival.  Playing the album in full rather than just 5 tracks. 

I was hoping for some other songs, maybe a treat of a cover or something but they stuck to their tracks. Which was pretty good anyway and well performed, they weren't  a note out.

The only criticism was their stage presence. Interludes between songs is yet to be refined by these guys, maybe a continued bassline, feedback or drum beat. Instead, they stopped the songs and plunged into silence except the rumble of the audience. 

The obligatory Manchester how you doing, and thank yous came, but still felt very empty between. Their was a chant of Oh Jeremny Corbyn, I'm not sure what/why, even stating they arent political.

None the less, worth the visit and ticket price. Looking forward to seeing them grow and slicken their set over the coming years.

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