Friday 1 December 2017

Anti-flag - American Fall


The current political roller coaster across the western world has given some good, if THE only good thing, plenty of punk material! I don't wish to be so crass about the depressing state of affairs, but music is a virtue to the escapism we so often crave. I hold onto the punk roots which opened my mind to music and life. And honestly, what is a better muse to the Anarchist Punks than Right-winged Bigotry?

We've had 30 years of Anti-Flag! ok technically it's only 20 years since their first album, 20 years since Drink Drank Punk & Fuck Police Brutality. Now 2017, we're a dozen albums in and still Anti-Flag are producing great tracks with no sign of letting up. Admittedly their was a lull in recent albums, but the afore mentioned state has given these veteran punks some gas.

American Fall, the follow up album to their 2015 release American Spring, aptly named for obvious reasons. The album is so we'll produced from start to end, the audial clarity to the story telling in the tracks. Notably the opening track 'American Attraction' which draws you in immediately with catchy lyrics and rifts.

I got that gun, got that drug,
I got everything you want,
Got your bombs, got that blood,
I got everything you know it's the American Attraction.

Talking catchy lyrics, this album is exploding with them. Every song screams Bouncy Fast Paced Anthems. See 2nd track 'The Criminals', 3rd track which has more of a carnival feel 'When The Wall Falls'... 'Racist'...'Casualty'... 'I came, I saw, I believe'... 'Digital Blackout'...heck too many to mention, literally the album is hit after hit but those in bold above are my favourites.

As you can draw from the names there is a theme to the album and it's on my playlist for the long haul. If you haven't listened to it yet get on Spotify or Amazon Music and listen to it. Only downside..  it's only 11 tracks.

I'll leave you with the lyrics of Racist:

Just 'cause you don't know you're racist
Just 'cause you don't know you're sexist

Just 'cause you don't know you're fascist

You don't get a pass for your ignorance

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