Thursday 28 December 2017

Lining Up 2018 Indie Bands (Yonaka, Sea Girls, Weekend Debt & More..)

The last few years has been good for some Indie Bands I've been following. Watching bands such as The Hunna open small independent festivals in a Cathedral of 50 people, to the following year Headlining Festival Republics stage at Leeds Festival, or The Sherlock's first album release and massive nationwide tour.  Admittedly just as many haven't made it.

So who's on the radar for success in 2018? I'm not sure! But here's a list of some of the up and comings on my playlist, I'm hoping to hear more of.
I'm Really liking Yonaka - who draws similarities to Yeah Yeah Yeahs & No Doubt, and I'm
 also liking the sound of Sea Girls, very British Indie, think Bastille! 
If you're interested in a really new raw Indie band listen to Weekend Debt, a Scottish band with influences from Arctic Monkeys & Courteeners, with a deeper twist.

Sea Girls
Weekend Debt
Sam Fender

Le Boom
False Heads

Have a listen to the playlist and see what you think? 

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