Thursday 14 May 2020

JAEKO - Colder Than The Sea - a review

Hi Guys, hope everyone is doing good in these unprecedented times? I’ve been extra busy painting abstract shapes onto a wall only for the paint to bleed under the tape....quackers tape apparently the best you can get 🙄 I’ve also been slamming the BBQ living my best life getting my pasty arse burnt and fat(ter)...

I’m going to give you all a little bit of joy with the following song, it is to be released on the 23rd May and we at ALOMR have been given early access!

Set a reminder in the diary to check out the newest song from our newest friends JAEKO called Colder Than The Sea It’s absolutely amazing.

From my first listen earlier in the week I haven’t stopped playing it, my first impression is that it is one of the rawest most polished songs I’ve ever heard. Me and the rest of the team at ALOMR all love it, we have been unable to say who they sound like, the drumming is rhythmic, the guitars are a thing of beauty and the vocals just get you pounding those rock hands in the air. What about the bassist you ask, no idea am sure they are doing there best with the limited 4 strings 😂

A word of warning however... do not drive and crank this song, at best you will get 3 points at worst well let’s put it this way the NHS is busy enough. A band hasn’t had me going this fast since the first time I heard False Heads.

I cannot wait to get some tour dates from these guys, I will be there on the front row! Hopefully soon we will have a bit of a Q&A with them so we can get into their minds and what makes them tick.

Check them out before next Friday to get a taste of their brilliance. They've been on our recent playlists and here on Spotify.

Give the guys your support when the new single hits with plenty of listens, you won’t regret it.

Take Care


Check out the lads Instagram @jaekomusic

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  1. It's amazing Dude, we really do get some beauties on our DM! Definitely needs a adding to the playlists when it's released.
    As for their track COLD HARD KILLER I can't put it down, it's in my top 3 for plays since Lockdown


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