Sunday 10 May 2020

May 2020 - New music playlist

Whilst 2020 just keeps getting crazier and the world is either working from home, furloughed or live streaming, I'm here grinding the 9-5+. The emails and PR coming through to us thick and fast, I'm struggling to keep up with all the great tunes. Luckily our Mr Foxon and Riche are on hand to listen, enjoy & post on ALOMR behalf.

That said, I've been compiling a list of tracks that have got my feet tapping in May both submissions to us and those we find whilst perusing the net.

I've got a bunch of music to take you on this journey. Starting you off slow with some mellow alternative indie, moving through to pick up the pace with some modern Indie, a touch of metal and little Punk.

Starting with something chilled and relaxing that I missed in my last playlist 

Mehro - Perfume. This beautifully graceful acoustic indie/alt romantic oozes 70s undertones perfectly balanced melody with a smooth baseline that almost reminds you of your heartbeat, it seems all of this is designed you make you feel in the song. Mehro's vocals get deep into you and I'd go as far as saying this Californian is your next ASMR fix both audibly and visually! 

Mehro frustratingly only has one track online and it will crave you wanting more, which might explain why he's topped over 1.5m Spotify plays! He's hands on in the production of the video too and I'd suggest checking it out too!

Alex Luca - Only the River another title that's hitting big numbers and Alex also only has one track up. This Italian born now Liverpudlian pianist has another emotion grabbing voice bringing a jazzy alternative beautifully calm song to just enjoy.

Owen Denvir - This Could Be Love. This Belfast singer is about to release his 2nd EP Bones and this is the first single off it. This acapella Indie/Pop ballad is true reflection of what an artist can do with their own voice, as so much of the track comes from samples of his own voice and audio glitching in his home during lockdown.

Birthday Card - Radio Star. Moving into a little alt-electro-pop from Buckinghamshire quintet band Birthday Card. They've got a nice Daft Punk-esq and MGMT feel, this is their latest track released onast Friday.

Blazar - Better. Raising the tempo, these guys dropped into our inbox, I don't have a huge amount of info but they have a Gorillaz vibe to them, tho it's a poppy Gorillaz meets Justin Timberlake! It's different but in a good way.

The Reytons - Headache. Here we go, one of our favs! The Yorkshire lads with another anthem packed with catch lyrics and this lovely rifts synonymous to the the East- England indie we know and love! ... Coz I don't need the 'eadache n I don't need the agro 'gro 'gro 'gro
The Reytons

JAEKO - Cold Hard Killer. Another DM from the PR world we're so grateful for, otherwise we might not have heard thie newcomer as quick. The progressive rifts and cratchy chorus will have you singing this indie anthems hook for days in end. This one came out a few months ago but it's new in playlists. Keep an eye out for a little more from that's guys soon.

No ID - I Don't Know. Here's another band you'll find yourself digging into more. The St Ives indie band puts The Strokes and Arctic's as influences and this 5 piece let that show. Personally I'm loving some of the sweet bass lines running through this track and that build up after the bridge, wow!

(Let's ramp up the grunge!)
False Heads - Ink (off debut Album It's All There by you're Dreaming). Ahhh this came out a few weeks since now and I can't not include it. If you haven't read our previous posts on FH check them out, reviews, gigs and interview all in the archives! These three bring some serious punch live and their album is a great representation of modern music taking influence from across the spectrum. Ink is the latest installment of beauty! If you have the opportunity (in the post-covid world) to see False Heads get your grungy pit on and get a ticket!
False Heads' Debut Album

Parallel Motion - Slave. Florida based high octane modern metal band. Parallel motion provide a melodic catchy energy for when you want a little Metal in your life.

I've still got plenty in the bag, so don't go too far. 

For now,
M x

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