Thursday 16 August 2018

False Heads - Less Is Better EP

Less Is Better... Unless the subject is new music, in which case less isn't always better... I mean, when it comes to False Heads, more is better! More is exactly what we now have.

A few months ago we caught up with Luke, Jake & Barney in Leeds on their single release Retina - check out the post and videos here. During our chat we spoke about what's next, Luke told us about the several Demos ready to be recorded and spoke of re-recording Retina for an EP version. Since then we waited, eagerly!

Well today the day came...

To start, a big thanks to These Bloody Thieves Records & the Lads for sending over a copy of the CD early. The EP is set for official Digital Release next month (21st September), with the single Yellow premiering on Radio X tonight at 10pm and release date is 24th August.

Once again I've got myself into the CD scenario! I literally only buy CDs to look at, the only player I have is Xbox, opting to stream nowadays. Thankfully my brother saved the day with an old laptop so I can relax, laydown, headphones in and listen uninterrupted.

The EP has 4 bouncing tracks:
Retina (EP Version)
Help Yourself
Wrap Up

The overall production is a step up from previous releases. Less Is Better is a much larger sound, a more professional outfit, don't get me wrong we still have that grungy raw sound, it's like Gutter Press but with big fat shiny cherry on top.

If you wanna know more about each track, I've given run down below. If you wanna listen to this unadulterated without any outside interpretation then feel free to skip. EP and Tour details can be found on or @falseheads

Keeping in with previous tracks Yellow is False Heads in and out. Starting with a lovely clean Indie rift that'd fit at home amongst a Strokes or Hives track, it smashed into a verse covered in grungy crack. The chorus is heavy in repetitive lyrics from Luke, whilst Barney harmonises smashing away at the drums. It's got catchy lyrics and progressive rifts you can really feel a development on the 'False Heads' sound from earlier EPs.

When the guys said they were going to redo Retina, I was worried. The single is nice, raw, a good grungy listen. Much of this has been retained, with a closer, bassier sound, in the EP version. It offers more sound, crisper notes, echos and cleaner effects - particularly the outro at 3minutes you can tell the production is just another level.

Help Yourself
Slowing the pace a little - don't be thinking Comfort Consumption slow tho, Help Yourself packs a punch more akin to All Eyes. There's another treat of catch hooks, and a pretty nifty build up which leads into a new sound from the lads, by the way of a progressive electro guitar rift! Very nice - hope to hear more like this, it really works well.

Wrap Up
Coming into this track with more progressive sounds it's followed with some really meaty rifts & a touch of vocal distort. This is the first time I've really focused on Jake's bass - it's really grabbed me, listening to it flow really gets the head going. There's a full 1minute and 30seconds which is lyric free with scales all over, individual parts, harmonised instrumentals - I really get the feeling that this song was constructed with a live performance in mind. You can really visualise Luke scaling the stage and throwing himself off ... finishing with another catchy lyrical build up and an 'Everyone Goes For It'-ending

Countdown to the Tour!

With thanks to Luke, Jake & Barney and Rob at TBTRecords.

Full details of availability and release dates at they're on all social media platforms too @falseheads. Where you can find details of their upcoming European tour in September/October. We're going to Manchester and Preston gigs.

These Bloody Thieves Records @TBT_records
Ask nicely they may send a copy out before release dates.

Love Mx

!..!,  🤘

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