Wednesday 23 May 2018

Foxon's Thoughts #2 - CDs are better than Spotify

Good day, Rockers, and indeed Rollers. I'm a little late with my weekly ramble, which doesn't say much for my punctuality, it’s only my second one.
The reason I'm late, is because I was busy putting together my interview and love letter to Bad Dream Fancy Dress this weekend.
I shouldn't need to go on about them again, i think we covered all grounds in that big long post, with a load of wacky pictures, and an interesting and heartfelt interview with frontvixen, Cat Rees.

Tough luck, I'm going to go on about them again!
Jeff, the guitarist of the band, and who Cat informs me has more than one knob that he likes to play with, was kind enough to send me a CD of their insane new record, Space Goddess. Now, you'd think that a music blogger would be able to listen to a CD, but the stereo in my car is broke, and all I have in the house is a record player and Bluetooth speakers. I'm either a hipster or broke. Make up your own mind. Ironically, Hipsters are rich kids pretending to be broke.

I listened to the CD on my Xbox. The Xbox One X confirms that i am, in fact, a hipster! I sat there in the morning on my day off work, and just listened to it. It was a lot to take in. It was a crazy ride to about 50 different planets in the form of 10 retro inspired jaunty stories.
It made me think 2 things. First, how cool are CDs? Now that we have Spotify and Apple music and stuff, how often do we really just sit there and listen to music, holding the case and taking it all in?
The second thing I thought was, how the hell am I going to write about this CD. I know I am a magician with the English language, but even modest little me can't put this into words.

So, I reached out to Cat herself, thinking, if I was lucky she would send me a link to their site and give me a few quotes to use. Nope! Cat spent the week chatting to me, telling me all about herself and what she's up to, and then took some time to do a great interview with me, and we even got an exclusive photo shoot in her sunny garden. She put her body on the line, trying to climb into a child's toy Audi. We can only imagine what the doctors and nurses would have thought, seeing her, in her shiny silver catsuit with a car firmly wedged in her bottom.
Thank you, guys, for keeping me entertained all week, and giving so much to this blog. We are truly grateful.

What else have I been up to?
In my last post, I mentioned I was going to see Foreigner. I did that, they were brilliant!
We saw them in the Manchester Apollo, the whole venue was seated. I confess, I was getting a bit bored as the support acts were playing. Not because of the music, but because we were all sat down, it drained the atmosphere.
As soon as Foreigner hit the stage though, the whole venue stood up, and the seats did little to get in the way of everybody's dancing and singing along.

So, a fun week for me. Even though I was working 6 days, I managed to cram in lots of music and enjoyment.
I'll hopefully be able to catch a bit of the Dot to Dot festival this Friday in Manchester, I really want to see Pale Waves!
Then Saturday is the Champions league final. Fingers crossed I only bite my fingernails and not my actual fingers, so my blog can be on time next week. Come on Liverpool!

Until next week. Be good.

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