Tuesday 15 May 2018


So apparently Pinky and Perky have decided that we should each do a weekly blog on stuff were listening to and maybe give an insight into what make us each tick.

The legendary Mr Foxon went first and did a great job...cheers jackass. Now it's my turn...
A little about me, I have a daughter who is my princess, I love music (gets you through anythng life throws at you), I hate part time politicians and white dudes with dreadlocks (they both know). 

This week I have been hammering the soundtrack from the blues brothers, there is nothing better than a little Gimme Some Loving when your blasting along on your way to work to get you chair dancing. Ok so the people around me may not appreciate it blaring away but am sure they raise a smile when they see a short, fat, white dude with a receding hairline bouncing around the front seat of his car to music that was released well before he was. The entire soundtrack is hit after hit, just thinking about it now is making me look forward to my morning drive. 
If you have no idea what am going on about by the way go and watch a film called the blues brothers, it's old so am sure you will find it on a LEGAL streaming application, you can thank me later when your driving along listening to she caught the Katy.

I was meant to listen to Arctic Monkeys new album and give some feedback on that but I haven't so I won't, judging by what others have said am not missing out on much...
Rock on Dudes! Riche x

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