Tuesday 15 May 2018

Gentle Giant Music Festival - Forth, Scotland.

Regular readers will know in February we headed up to Lanark, Scotland to see Weekend Debt. When we got there everyone from the Porter, the Taxi Driver to the Door Staff recommended Gentle Giant Music Festival in Forth in May. Well with that many recommendations there was no question, new music & local talent across 4 locations, for free.

The artists ranged from a 12 year old lad called Connor right through to Punk of the ages band The Jellies. The music was rock, indie, pop, you name it.

We established our base at the Legion, where everytime I bought a drink I felt like a theif. Less than £2 for a JD and Coke... What?! How do they make money. Lovely staff there, and as usual Scottish locals were all a friendly bunch.

Choosing the Legion, rather than one of the other 4 locations, purposely to catch local Indie band Weekend Debt opening the stage at 3pm. Which if you don't realise by now are top hitters for our Ones to Watch. 
They performed well, unfortunately being first on meant a small crowd, but for me I enjoyed listening to the lads live whilst I was sober. 

I'm not going to go too much into Weekend Debt, they are a MUST to follow check out the playlist below, and if you want to know more then click the labels to the left and read our other posts about them - very talented and top lads.

We also spent most the time at the Legion as I wanted to check out an unusual and very amazing duo. When you think rock, punk, indie I expect a trio or quartet plus. Not 2 lads one on guitar and one drums. Let alone the fact that lead singer is the drummer!!
Now you might think at this point I've lost it, how? I don't know how they do it, but do it they do, and very well.
So who are they? Pyro! Check them out in my playlist at the bottom, I'm already in touch with their manager as I'm interested in their story so me fellas over here at A Life Of Music Rocks we are going to try and get some time to find out more about them and relay it to you.

In between these two were a band called The Jellies, I struggled to find much on them beforehand (admittedly I was on Spotify rather than YouTube). But they are Punk rockers dream. I wasn't sure what to expect but all of a sudden I'd chucked my jacket somewhere and I was front centre of stage and they were knocking out Stiff Little Fingers, Pistols you name it. There was about 4 SLF tracks and I was in my elements. I love SLF and The Jellies did them justice like no other.

Shortly after this my pictures become blurred and my sobriety becomes limited.
The Gentle Giant Music Festival is one to get to, its worth heading over to Forth if for the day or staying in a local B&B. There is so much opportunity to see great talented people and they are a friendly bunch. We headed to the Mason and Inns to have a quick listen to some others musicians but swiftly headed back to the busy Legion to catch All the Franklins for a little psycedelic Indie.

The best thing about these smaller events are the opportunities to meet and chat with the artists.

Next week we head over to Dot-To-Dot Festival another slightly larger event, based in dozens of venues across Manchester (also Bristol & Nottingham the next days). 2 years ago we stood next to Dougie from Temper Trap and had a cig, mingled with The Hunna and watched Dua Lipa in front of 60people. 

Now Temper Trap have been big a long time, but check The Hunna and Dua Lipa have gone from 50 people in a room, to Billions of views and sell out world tours!

So take the opportunity to go to small localised events, meet and show your gratitude in person to the musicians & organisors working hard to make it, some do, some don't. Travel local, travel far, enjoy music with fellow music lovers... And more, show it, share it, love it. I know we will.

See you in Dot-To-Dot Manchester, then All Points East in London in 2 weeks.

See you next year Gentle Giants!


Pyro Spotify 

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