Friday 25 May 2018

Michael's Mini Post #2

It's time for my 2nd mini post. I've been told to include a little more about me. So I'm Michael, just turned 30. I started this blog last year as a way to document some of the cool bands I was seeing. One as a way to remind myself but also to share with other people.

So a few weeks ago I turned 30 was lucky enough to have myself a decent party where 2 bands, Columbia & Weekend Debt, played. Making turning 30 a little less depressing.

Since then I've been focusing on work and not as much on the blog. So this week I jumped onto some of the recommendations and submissions we've been getting:

Recommendation from a friend is Manchester band  The Breaks. This distortion loving Indie band released a their 2nd EP in March - Trap Door. If Slipknot's were in charge of soundcheck at a James gig, this is what James would sound like. It works in most pieces, although at times its a little hard to hear the lyrics. Worth checking then out, plus they remind me a little of Sea Girls in their lyrics.

Notable songs:  Smoke and Lasers & Call Out My Name, also Misery off their first EP

Another band I've been listening to is a submission through the website Norphlet, American Electro Alt due from Texas and California, released their 1st EP self titled Norphlet earlier this month. They have a similar sound to Band of Horses - it's pretty cool. Check them out.

What else has been on the playlist?

Florence & The Machine new single Hunger, released 3 weeks ago. It's really good and grabs at the emotions. Gets you thinking about what you really want and desire.
Florence lead back round to listening to Banks & Steelz - Anything But Words, which Florence appeared on in track 'Wild Season'. That got a lot of play this week.

How about checking out these acoustic Daft Punk mega mix?

Which lead me to Daft Punk - One More Time and the entire Discovery album!

Finishing the week over at Dot-To-Dot Festival Manchester. Where were watching Pale Waves, Fizzy Blood and Slydigs. Wanted to watch Horrors but they clashed and 2 for 1 with Fizzy & Slydigs

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