Sunday 3 June 2018

Michael's Mini Post #3

It's been a busy week for me, juggling Manchester and London Festivals in one weekend, work and travel clocking over 1200miles this week, meaning I've neglected my blog posting duties until today. Nevertheless I have tried to share and post what I can on our social media pages
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Starting where I left off last week. Friday Night;

Dot-To-Dot Festival Manchester
We got down to see Pale Waves at Albert Halls. Then headed over to Aatma to see Fizzy Blood... Where we were surprised to see Turnover. Fizzy Blood had to pull out last minute, but Turnover were very good and filled the place out with many people left outside unable to get in.
We also saw The Nectars and Slydigs. More, Inc Pics over on Chris' post earlier this week:

The following day we caught a train to London to catch Day 2 of GoldenVoice's (Coachellas Organisers) newest festival 
All Points East Festival
In Victoria Park London, APE have taken over a quarter and turned it into Coachella in the UK. They take all of the good bits and also some of bad bits, from their American Festivals.

We went down purely to see The XX. The days other lines ups were OK but nothing major. The support acts from Friday and the following weekend were better, with the likes of The Hunna, Yonaka, Catfish & the Bottleneck and many more. 
Today we had Lorde, Lykke Li, Popcaan, Simpha & The XX. There's plenty more but that's who we saw.

The Festival itself was plagued with complaints of slow enterance queues, security checks, moving 10lanes of people through 1 lane with a sniffer dog. Thankfully we'd got VIP tickets to skip a large portion of the queues.
The queues didn't end there, Toilet and Bar queues were just as long. Again, VIP ticket, worth the extra to save time if you go.

Goldenvoice brought other features from Coachella, starting with lots of American staff and ending with mass capitalism that is "keep them on site and buying from our vendors". They make it as hard as possible to leave, even as far as saying No Re-entry, 1 step further than Coachella!

The festival aside from that's as really good, the setup and sound was as expected from Goldenvoice, alcohol selection seemed very wide and catering for most People. 

THE XX smashed it out the park, with added lighting from a heavy summers thunderstorm, but you hardly noticed that when immersed in song and dance & very drunk.

Oh one further point they didn't seem to sell cigarettes on site.

Aside from that music's been a little quiet, few new albums out this week, and next weekend where off to see The Breaks at The Sanctuary.


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