Saturday 9 June 2018

Riche's Ramble part 2 - on second thoughts

I said heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy hooooooooooo
Wow second "weekly ramble"... Ok more like monthly mumble as my timings are all over place 

A lots changed in the past 4 weeks! We now have a "lady" in the ALOMR universe. We welcome Mrs Foxon to the chaos, hopefully you can do what Michael can't and organise us into a gig reviewing, mind blog blowing team.... Or we will just carry on our descent into a Fleetwood Mac madness. I personally love Fleetwood Mac madness but as I said in the intro heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy hooooooooooo. 

Ok that's all that's changed but I have to build excitement somehow!

Is Manchester the greatest city in the UK for live music, I personally would like to believe this. Saw a guy the other week playing drums using a tea towel to dampen the snare and a suitcase for a base and that was it. Guess what it was amazing, this guy and his acoustic playing mate rattled off hit after hit, I would tell you what the hits were but I was out with uncle JD and well he was winning the battle of my mind.

Tonight and me and Pinky are off to Burnley to watch 3 bands (not sure my heart will be able to take it) so you never know I may come on next week (month) saying that is the music capital of the UK! A review will be being done and I believe a quick Q&A with the band's.

This week's musical listenings have been of the 3 bands I will be seeing later, the breaks, honey spider and waiting for Titor. Won't go into detail to spoil what comes later but they are 3 bands with big big sound....

Finally in my guilty pleasure corner (this is new - just made it up, probably won't do it again) this is the 11th year since scouting for girls released
She's so lovely and on that bomb shell I feel old!
Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekends guys and if your at any of the many festivals stay safe and rock on |..|,


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