Thursday 8 February 2018

Anticipation of the Gig

Is it just me that gets ridiculously excited about watching live music?

I love the build up, it doesn't just start on the day for me either, usually a week before I will be pestering my co-conspiritors about times we're leaving, what are we doing when we get there, what time the doors open, whose supporting etc

As the days tick by I phone them after work just to shout at them "4 days to go" (my friend group has shrunk over the years) I can't help it I am just stupidly hyped up. I have been going to gigs for the last 15 years you would think I could control myself by now.

Today is the day though, this evening we are going to watch Sea Girls, I have been blasting them in the car for the past few days (hate not knowing the lyrics).

Tonight I am with fellow blogger Michael Gaskell, I am sitting here smirk on face mithering the Mrs and he has gone to bed for a power nap - maybe it is just me who gets overly excited! Tomorrow will be a massive crash as I come down from my own created ecstacy! Although maybe not as tomorrow is the gig I have been looking forward to most, Weekend Debt up in Scotland, it's a 3 hour trip for a band with a small selection of songs (⁴ recorded and a couple more live) but it will be worth it, they sound amazing, just how arctic monkeys did when they very first hit but even better.

Am sure he will write the reviews, he is far better with words than I am, I will just give a brief summary probably (hopefully) using the word awesome several times!


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