Thursday 8 February 2018

Sea Girls Deaf Institute Manchester 8th Feb 2018

Sea Girls, are in the midst of another nationwide tour. Last year the 4 piece had a successful tour, including a number of sell out nights in London. This time they're round on the back of the release of their 2nd EP - Heavenly War.

Heavenly War has pulled out some decent accolades, from the likes of Huw Stephens, Spotify's New Indie 2018 - not to mention our own Indie for 2018 playlist last December. It's the success to follow on their first EP "Call Me Out".

It has got fewer tracks (excluding the acoustic cover of Call Me Out), but the quality makes up for quantity. It shows how the band as grown in their sound and developed a faster paced style, than the almost Dream / Alt genre of Call Me Out's tracks. This is reflected in the event and audience!

The energy at the start was slow to get going but after a little crowd surfacing and getting into the crowd they guys really picked up the pace and clearly enjoyed playing to the Manchester crowd, especially at their encore which was second play of Call Me Out, which showed the a much greater engagement with the crowd than their first play of it.

This is my first gig at Deaf Institute, I think each time I've booked here the artist changes to a bigger/different venue so I've been looking forward to it and it was a great change! The intimacy and Intensity has was more then worth the very little entrance fee!

Setlist obviously covered their key titles;
Heavenly War, Lost, What For.
As well as : Call Me Out (x2), What You Eat and Favourite Colour. 
All masterfully played and drawing a word for word sing along from the packed venue.
They even played a new song, I assume called 
Twenty three, which was pretty cool

If you get the chance, see these guys, you won't be displeased! They stand out from the crowd, in this very flooded Indie marketplace - where you can often blur the lines from where one band ends and the next starts.

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